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    Serving six years in the Royal Australian Navy as a logistics sailor, posting to various bases around Australia and deploying on many operations and exercises throughout the world, I found myself intrigued with different cultures and the human condition. Having found the act of service a deeply important part of my life, I saw an opportunity in studying the mind and how it works as a means of continuing service to others. I have been an athlete my whole life, competing in rugby league, tennis and long distance running. I continue to box in my spare time. 

    Having always been fascinated with the mind and psychology, I studied as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist and Neuro linguistic programming practitioner, with the Institute of Applied Psychology – the leading Australian training organisation in the field. 

    While studying I learnt that issues like anxieties, sleep issues, procrastination and addictions are all subconscious processes. Unhelpful processes can be changed, and new resourceful and empowering process can be implemented by utilising hypnosis.

    The mind and our associated processes can change and these changes can happen quickly using structured and strategic hypnotic intervention. Using a trance state gives a chance to bypass our default mode of thinking and work directly on unconscious processes. 

    My approach is holistic, respectful and engaged in your outcomes. 


    • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy
    • NLP Practitioner Certification

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